Immigration Solicitors

At Stephens & Son solicitors in Chatham we have a dedicated team of immigration lawyers that can advise you on exactly what is required for you to legally enter and work in the UK if you are coming from abroad. The laws are ever changing and extremely strict; failure to obtain the correct documentation and permission can result in hefty fines and deportation. The process can also in some cases be fairly lengthy so you must act swiftly so as not to delay your ability to continue on with your life as you wish to.

As is to be expected there are stringent checks that will be carried out to confirm your eligibility to enter and reside in the UK, however in some cases either due to nationality or international pre confirmed agreements automatic rights will already be operational. .

Our immigration specialists will assist with every part of the process, including but not restricted to:

  • establishing your right to live or work in the UK without restriction under a recognised right of abode or via a certificate of entitlement; 
  • helping family members join you in the UK under a family visa;
  • applying for settled status to enable you and your family to continue to remain in the UK; 
  • applying for naturalisation or British citizenship;
  • applying for a student, work or business visa under the UK points-based system;
  • visitor or tourist visa applications;
  • ancestry visas;
  • arranging a sponsorship license where you have been offered specialist or temporary work under the Tier 1 or Tier 5 entry rules;
  • helping you or a family member with your asylum claim;
  • dealing with appeals against denial of entry, refusal of an application for leave to remain or an order for deportation;
  • applying for a residence card or permanent residence as an EEA national; or
  • applying for a residence card or permanent residence as a family member or extended family member of an EEA national.

If you are a business owner looking to employ staff abroad or bring them to the UK on a working visa, our Business Immigration team can work with you to do this.

Advising individuals throughout Chatham, Kent and beyond

We have offices in Chatham, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Gravesend and Tenterden where we can meet to discuss your requirements.  We can also arrange Skype or home visit appointments where appropriate.


Some immigration advice can be provided free of charge under the legal aid scheme.  Other advice will have to be paid for privately.  We are happy to discuss your requirements and agree funding arrangements before we commence work.

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