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I think my relative's attorney is abusing their position

William Mayston
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With life expectancy in the UK predicted to rise into the late 80s for men and women by 2030, an increasing number of people are choosing to safeguard their interests by making lasting powers of attorney . These enable a relative or friend to assume control...

Problems renting during the coronavirus crisis, your questions answered

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Emergency legislation has introduced greater protection to tenants during the coronavirus crisis, at a time when it was important to ensure that people did not find themselves homeless due to financial difficulties. You may have read newspaper stories...

When a promise of land or property is not honoured in a will

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If you have put your life plans on hold to help out a family member who has promised to leave you land or property in their will by way of reward, you will understandably feel aggrieved where they fail to make good on this. Whether there is anything you can...

Claiming compensation for a serious road traffic accident

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Although the UK has some of the safest roads in the world, the number of road traffic accidents resulting in death or serious injury each year is increasing. The police received reports of 26,610 people killed or seriously injured in the year ending June...

Six common debt recovery mistakes

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Recovering a debt quickly is an essential part of ensuring your business remains in good financial health, but when you are busy focusing on attracting new custom and fulfilling current commitments it can be easy to forget this.  As a result, procedures...

Challenging a will your relative was pressured into making

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Everyone has the right to make a will leaving their money and property to whoever they choose.  But what happens where decisions about who gets what have been unfairly influenced by another person?  Does the will still stand or can it be...