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Simply put, equity is the term used to describe the figure achieved when the outstanding mortgage and/or loan amount against the property is subtracted from its current value. If this figure is a positive number, it may be that you wish to explore your options with regards to transferring it into another place.

For example, you may wish to use it as a deposit for a second property, cash it out to embark on home improvements, gift it to family or friends, or simply inject it into a savings account for the future.

Common cases where a transfer of equity may be appropriate include where: 

  • you own a property in your sole name but want to share ownership with someone else, such as your spouse or civil partner;
  • your partner has moved in and agreed to pay half the mortgage in return for a share in the equity; 
  • you want to transfer some or all of the equity in a property to your children or another relation;
  • you and your spouse or partner own a property jointly but you have agreed that your share should be passed to them as part of a financial settlement following divorce or separation; 
  • a court has ordered you to transfer your equity in a property to someone else, for example a co-owner you owe money to;
  • you wish to put property into a trust, or
  • you have been advised to make a transfer of equity for wealth protection or tax planning purposes.

Our conveyancing team can offer you expert advice and guidance throughout this process.They will ensure that everything proceeds as smoothly and quickly as possible by:

  • checking that there is nothing to stop you making a transfer of equity, such as a restriction in a shared ownership arrangement or under your mortgage;
  • helping you to obtain any necessary consents where a restriction exists, and in the case of a mortgage restriction referring you to an independent financial advisor to determine whether a remortgage might be appropriate;
  • advising you on the implications of making a transfer of equity;
  • advising you on the costs and fees you will have to pay, including stamp duty land tax where applicable;
  • completing the transfer of equity forms; and
  • registering the transfer with the Land Registry.

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Our conveyancing fees

The cost of dealing with a transfer of equity will depend on the circumstances, and in particular whether there is a mortgage.  We are happy to provide a no obligation estimate upon request or you can find our conveyancing fees here

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