Independent Legal Advice

Whether it be to fund initial startup costs or to inject cash flow for an expansion or development project, raising funds for your business can at times be difficult. If you do not have the finances required either personally or between your shareholders you will most likely have to approach an official lending body for help.

Although a repayment plan will be arranged according to your circumstances, most lenders will require some sort of guarantee should any payments be defaulted, and this can be either against personal assets or a named guarantor who will commit to covering the payment if you are unable to do so.

Making the decision to secure personal assets or appoint a guarantor is a big step, and as such requires careful consideration before you make any definitive choices. Most lenders will request proof that you have sought professional legal advice on this matter before they commit to finance you.

At Stephens & Son solicitors in Chatham, our team of corporate and commercial lawyers are experienced in providing independent legal advice in a business context, particularly to directors and shareholders who have been asked to provide personal guarantees and to spouses and civil partners who have been asked to agree to the family home or other jointly owned property being used as security.

Our independent legal advice service covers:

  • personal guarantees required for corporate loans and mortgages;
  • property owner’s consent to a corporate mortgage;
  • property co-owner’s consent to a corporate mortgage;
  • property occupier’s consent to a corporate mortgage; and
  • property owner’s consent to a sale or transfer of equity for businesses purposes.

We also offer independent legal advice to employees who have been asked to sign a compromise or settlement agreement to resolve an employment matter or an employment related dispute.

For independent legal advice in connection with residential property not related to a business matter, please visit our conveyancing services webpage.

Advising businesses throughout Chatham, Kent and beyond

Independent legal advice needs to be given in person.  We have offices in Chatham, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Gravesend and Tenterden we can use to hold your appointments.

We can also offer meetings at your place of business or via a skype conference call where needed.


We offer an initial appointment to discuss your requirements at a fixed cost of £280 plus VAT.  After that we can arrange flexible payment terms, including monthly billing to help you budget. 

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