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Prenuptial agreements are often associated with couples who have high net worth both in actual money in the bank and assets owned, however this is not as true in the present day as it has been previously. These agreements are now being entered into by many couples who are engaged to marry or enter into a civil partnership as a type of safety net should the relationship be unsuccessful. Extended families also tend to be pacified with the presence of a prenuptial agreement if there is any suspicion about the motivation behind your relationship.

Having the peace of mind that your financial arrangements will be organised the way you wish can be a real benefit to a relationship. Factoring in for the occurrence of inheritance being received or any other larger windfall can allow you to think more clearly about the best way to distribute and manage this money if and when you initially receive it. Children may also be featured in the agreement even if you do not already have them with your partner.

Within our highly experienced family team at Stephens & Son, we have specialists in creating these agreements that will ensure that:

  • you and your partner disclose the full extent of your personal wealth and financial interests;  
  • you are both happy to enter a prenuptial agreement and have good reasons for doing so;
  • you have thought about all eventualities;
  • the agreement proposed will meet your respective financial needs and those of your children; and
  • you take independent legal advice, so you are clear about the proposed terms of your financial arrangements.    

If you have already married or entered a civil partnership we can advise on a postnuptial agreement to protect your interests.

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